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PACLITAXEL belongs to a class of chemotherapy drugs. PACLITAXEL treats different types of cancer such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Kaposi sarcoma, cervical cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Common side-effects

• Joint pain
• Muscle weakness
• Hair loss, nausea, vomiting
• Urinary tract infection
• Sore mouth
• Allergic reaction
• Hair loss

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• PACLITAXEL must be given intravenously. And few initial cycles of PACLITAXEL will be strictly given under doctor's supervision only.
• Your doctor will advise you to get laboratory tests done before and during the treatment for evaluating your health condition.
• PACLITAXEL is usually not recommended to children under 18 years of age.
• Inform your doctor if you have or had any history of heart problems, liver problems and uncontrolled infection.
• You are recommended to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
• You may experience severe nausea and vomiting during or after the treatment. Take medicines accordingly as advised by your doctor.
• Inform your doctor straight away if you experience irregular heartbeats, faintness, dizziness, diarrhoea or tingling and numbness in fingers or toes.
• Also instantly notify your doctor if you have sudden dip in blood pressure, severe allergic rashes or swelling of the face.


Q. How does PACLITAXEL work? A. PACLITAXEL belongs to a class of chemotherapy drugs. PACLITAXEL works by lowering or arresting the cell growth by interfering with microtubules. Inhibition of microtubules leads to cell death. Microtubules play important role in cell division and survival. Hence people may be recommended adjuvant (post surgery) or chemotherapy with PACLITAXEL to overcome cancer.
Q. Does PACLITAXEL cause hair loss? A. Yes, PACLITAXEL cause hair loss. PACLITAXEL kills cells that are rapidly dividing, but however chemotherapy drugs affect normal cells also as it does not have the ability of differentiating healthy and cancerous cells. PACLITAXEL affect hair follicles leading to hair loss.
Q. Can I take carbamazepine with PACLITAXEL? A. No, you are strongly recommended not to take carbamazepine along with PACLITAXEL. Carbamazepine might decrease the effectiveness of PACLITAXEL. Please ask your doctor before taking carbamazepine with PACLITAXEL. 
Q. Does PACLITAXEL cause infertility? A. Yes, PACLITAXEL may cause infertility by ovarian damage in females and testicles damage in males which in turn leads to inability to produce eggs or sperms. It is advised to store eggs or sperms before starting the treatment.
Q. How to store PACLITAXEL? A. Please check the label for directions, before use.