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Breathe O Meter Device is used to measure lung capacity in monitoring breathing disorders such as asthma. It is a peak flow meter, which is portable, inexpensive, and hand-held device that is used assess how well air moves out of the lungs. People with moderate-to-severe asthma should have this device at home.

How it works:

It works by measuring how good air comes out of the lungs when you exhale forcefully after inhaling fully. This measure is called a "peak expiratory flow," or "PEF." By keeping the track of PEF, make you aware if symptoms of asthma are in control or worsening.

Features of Breathe O Meter Device:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Hand-held calibrated instrument device.
  • The device has been calibrated using the EU scale, in accordance with the internationally accepted European Union Standards.

How to use: 

Follow the below steps for using this device properly. Also, please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before using this device.

  • Stand up or sit up straight.
  • Make sure the indicator is at the bottom of the meter.
  • Take a deep breath in, filling the lungs completely.
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth; lightly bite with your teeth and close your lips on it. Make sure your tongue is away from the mouthpiece.
  • Blow the air out as hard and as fast as possible.
  • Remove the meter from the mouth.
  • Record the number that appears on the meter and then repeat the above steps two more times.
  • Record the highest of the three readings. This reading is your peak expiratory flow (PEF).

NOTE: Use this device same way each time you take a reading to get comparable results.

How often should I use this device?

Speak to your doctor regarding how often you should use this device. However, peak flow values are best if they are checked at the same time every day, preferably once in the morning and once at night.

Safety information:

  • Read the user's instruction manual carefully before use.
  • Frequently washing of the device is required.
  • Do not open the device as the inside parts may get damaged.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

This product is non-returnable.


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