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Composition of NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5)

Note :

  • Unknown when combined with alcohol. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Safe and does not interfere with the ability to drive


  • Safe for pregnant women


  • Safe for lactating women


  • UnSafe and risky for patients with renal issues. Follow your physician's advice.


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   In case of any Itching, redness, swelling or difficulty in breathing please refer to a physician or hospital immediately.

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Product Composition


Uses of NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5)

NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) is a combination of two drugs: Insulin aspart and protamine. NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) is used to treat diabetes mellitus (type 1 and type 2).

Special Instructions for NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5)

• Inject NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) particularly before eating meals. Make sure you have something, at least a small snack immediately 10-15 mins after taking this injection to avoid hypoglycemia (sudden dip in blood glucose levels).
• NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) should be injected sub-cutaneous only.
• Do not use NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) if precipitation occurs, or if there are clumps after mixing, or if there are particles sticking to the bottom/sides, or if the solution is frosted.
• Remember to always monitor your blood glucose levels despite medicinal intake. Depending on that your doctor may adjust your dose according your diet and physical activity.
• Injecting NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) at the same site can lead to tissue scarring. You are recommended to keep changing injection site to reduce trauma and scarring. Discuss with your doctor about the possible ways and best injection sites for example (belly, thigh region and fatty region in the arms) for site rotation.
• Exercise for minimum 30 minutes daily. 45 minutes of brisk walking is recommended to people who cannot undertake cardio and vigorous exercises.
• Routinely get your liver and kidney function test's done to check for proper functioning of the organs.
• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5) make sure your blood glucose levels are in good control.
• Do not hesitate to speak with a doctor if you experience hazy vision, dizziness, yellowing of skin, shaky hands, extreme anxiousness, severe stomach pain and profuse sweating.





Q) How to inject Insulin safely?
A) Insulin is injected in the adipose tissues (fat layer). Areas to be chosen can be lower belly region, thighs, fatty portion of the arms and buttocks (barring the lower region). The skin is pinched, and syringe is injected at a 45-degree angle in a smooth way right up to the skin. Let loose the skin and do not inject in a bruised or already scarred area. Please allow a nurse or a doctor to demonstrate to you all the above points to inject insulin initially. Do not try it on your own for the first time without doctor/nurse supervision.

Q) Why is my doctor insisting on insulin?
A) Sometimes despite all efforts such as exercises, diet modifications and oral anti-diabetes medications the blood glucose levels remain uncontrolled. This is especially true for people having type 1 diabetes or long-term type 2 diabetes. During this condition it is very important to lower blood glucose levels as it can pose a great risk to other organs such as kidney, liver and heart. Hence the doctor insists on insulin injections so that you can get a good control over diabetes and live a long-healthy life.

Q) Will I have to take Insulin forever?
A) For type 1 diabetes insulin is the only line of treatment for controlling blood glucose levels. However, In the case of type 2 diabetes depending upon your health condition, medicinal compliance and blood glucose levels there may be a remote possibility of insulin reversal. However, never stop taking insulin on your own without discussing with your doctor.

Q) What is Insulin resistance?
A) Insulin resistance is the inability of your body to effectively use the hormone insulin to convert glucose into energy. Insulin resistance is specially seen in people with a family history of diabetes or obesity. Stress and lack of physical activity also plays a vital role in insulin resistance. Changing of lifestyle, diet, cardio exercises and workouts can help you overcome insulin resistance.

Q) How to store NOVOMIX 30 100IU PENFILL (Pack OF 5)?
A) Unopened injections/vials/cartridges should be stored at 2-8°C. Do not refrigerate.


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