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NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN is primarily used to lower blood glucose levels in people with Diabetes.

Common side-effects

• Hypoglycemia (sudden dip in blood sugar levels).
• Injection site allergy or rashes all over the body
• Nausea and vomiting
• Abdominal pain
• Swollen joints
• Stomach upset

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Inject NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN particularly before eating meals. Make sure you have something at least a small snack immediately after 10-15 mins after taking this injection to avoid hypoglycaemia (sudden dip in blood glucose levels).
• Remember to always monitor your blood glucose levels despite medicine intake. Depending on that your doctor may adjust your dose according your diet and physical activity.
• Injecting NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN in the same site can lead to tissue scarring. You are recommended to keep changing injection site to reduce trauma and scarring. Discuss with your doctor possible ways and best injection sites for example (belly, thigh region and fatty region in the arms) for site rotation.
• Store NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN safely and properly in a cool and dry place. Unopened injections/vials/cartridges should be kept in refrigeration (2-8-degree C).
• Exercise for minimum 30 mins daily which includes cardio. 45 mins of brisk walking is recommended for people who cannot undertake vigorous exercises
• Routinely get your liver and kidney function test's done to check for proper functioning of the organs.
• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN make sure your blood glucose levels are in good control.
• Do not hesitate to speak with a doctor if you experience hazy vision, dizziness, yellowing of skin, shaky hands, extreme anxiousness, severe stomach pain and profuse sweating.


A) Diabetes is an endocrine disorder and it is a life -long condition. Research for its cure is still in progress. However, NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN along with a healthy lifestyle may help in managing diabetes and prevent from diabetes induced co-morbid conditions.

Q) Why is my doctor insisting on insulin ?
A) Sometimes inspite of exercises, diet modifications and oral anti-diabetes medications the blood glucose levels does not get under control. This is very true for people having Type 1 diabetes or long term type 2 diabetes. In this case it is very important to lower blood glucose levels as it can pose a great risk to other organs such as kidney, liver and heart. Hence the doctor insists on insulin injections so that one can get a good control over diabetes and live a healthy life.

Q) Can I stop taking NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN on my own?
A) No, please do not suddenly stop taking NEUTRAL PROTAMINATED HAGEDORN without consulting your doctor even if your blood sugar levels have become normal. Incase you are facing any discomfort such as stomach pain or vomiting inform your doctor and he/she will guide you in the best way possible.

Q) What can I eat to ensure good control of diabetes?
A) A diabetes meal consists of lean proteins such as cottage cheese (paneer), chicken, fish and pulses. Low carbohydrates like (millets, red rice, oats, multigrain wheat) in small portions. fibres like green vegetables, salads and fruits. Additionally, you are recommended to avoid bakery products and junk foods to avoid hidden sugars to achieve good control over diabetes.