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NEBIVOLOL belongs to class of medicines called beta blockers which is used in the treatment of hypertension and chronic heart failure.

Common side-effects

• Dizziness
• Tiredness
• Diarrhoea, Constipation
• Nausea (feeling sick)
• Shortness of breath

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take NEBIVOLOL at the same time everyday as instructed by the physician.
• NEBIVOLOL may cause tiredness and/or dizziness. Do not drive or use any machines or tools until the dizziness goes away.
• This medicine contains lactose. If you have intolerance to some sugars or if you are diabetic, contact your doctor before taking this medicine. Also keep a check on blood glucose levels while taking NEBIVOLOL.
• Monitor your blood pressure levels regularly. Taking NEBIVOLOL can also help in reducing angina pain (chest pain).
• Incase of any discomfort while taking NEBIVOLOL do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor. However, do not stop taking the medicine on your own it can lead to high blood pressure harming vital organs in the body.


Q) How does NEBIVOLOL work? A) NEBIVOLOL blocks the beta receptors of the heart. It helps in relaxation of the blood vessels and increases the blood flow thereby decreases the blood pressure.
Q) Can I stop taking NEBIVOLOL on my own? A) Please do not stop taking NEBIVOLOL suddenly as it may cause chest pain or heart attack. Please discuss with your doctor if you wish to stop taking the medicine.
Q) Can NEBIVOLOL cause weight gain? A) Yes, weight gain can occur as a side effect of beta blockers. Healthy diet and regular exercise would be helpful. However, it is not necessary for all people to experience the side-effect.
Q) Does NEBIVOLOL cure hypertension? A) NEBIVOLOL is used in the treatment of hypertension. However, it only reduces high blood pressure but does not cure hypertension. It has to be taken regularly to maintain blood pressure levels.
Q) Is NEBIVOLOL Safe? A) Yes, NEBIVOLOL is an effective antihypertensive agent with a good tolerability profile. It is Safe as long as you take it as directed by the physician.
Q) Does NEBIVOLOL cause diabetes? A)No, taking NEBIVOLOL does not lead to the onset of diabetes necessarily. But in few reported cases beta blockers increase blood glucose concentrations, which contributes to the spike in blood glucose levels in people taking NEBIVOLOL or having diabetes already. Hence a regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is recommended along with treatment with NEBIVOLOL.  Consult your doctor if there is any change in your blood glucose levels.