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Femitraz 1 Mg Tablet 10

Femitraz 1 Mg Tablet 10

by Lupin

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Composition of -Femitraz 1 Mg Tablet 10

Note :

  • Alcohol:Unknown

  • Driving:Unknown

  • Pregnancy:UnSafe

  • Lactation:UnSafe

  • Kidney:Unknown

In case of any Itching, redness, swelling or difficulty in breathing please refer to a physician or hospital immediately.

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Product Composition


Uses of Femitraz 1 Mg Tablet 10

Anastrozole is a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor. It is used to treat breast cancer in post-menopause women.

Special Instructions for Femitraz 1 Mg Tablet 10

1. Take $name irrespective of meals daily at same time for best results. 2. $name is not recommended for children and adolescents. 3. Take $name with caution if you have liver, kidney or bone problems. 4. Please do not take more than prescribed $name as it may cause some very serious adverse effects. 5. Avoid taking $name if you are allergic to $name or any of the ingredients listed in the label. Read the label carefully before taking $name. 6. Inform your doctor if you are already taking medicines for treating breast cancer. 7. Bring to your doctor's knowledge if you have or had any history of osteoporosis (bone loss). 8. Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor if you experience diarrhoea, abnormal vaginal bleeding or any allergic reactions such as swelling of the throat, face, lips or tongue.





Q. How does Anastrozole works?
A. Anastrozole blocks aromatase enzyme (natural substance which helps producing oestrogen hormone) and reduces oestrogen hormone production.
Q. Can I take Anastrozole with tamoxifen?
A. No, it is not advised to take Anastrozole with tamoxifen. Tamoxifen might decrease the effectiveness of Anastrozole. Please ask your doctor before taking tamoxifen with Anastrozole.
Q. Does Anastrozole cause bone loss?
A. Yes, Anastrozole decreases the mineral content in bones leading to bone loss. This condition may lead bones to get fractured easily. Doctors will provide treatment options to maintain good bone health.
Q. Can I take Anastrozole with oestrogen medicines?
A. No, it is not recommended to take Anastrozole along with oestrogen medicines. Medicines with oestrogen may interact with Anastrozole and might decrease the efficiency of Anastrozole.
Q. Can I take Anastrozole if I still have menstrual periods?
A. No, it is not advisable to take Anastrozole, because Anastrozole might not work effectively in women who have not gone through the menopause.
Q. Can I stop taking Anastrozole on my own?
A. No, do not stop taking Anastrozole on your own. It may increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence if you stop taking in the midway. Consult your doctor before discontinuing your medicine.
Q. What if I take more than prescribed dose?
A. If you take more than the prescribed dose, immediately inform your family members or friends and call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital. Carry the medicine strip or bottle with you, even if it is empty. Do not panic if you experience headache, sleepiness and joint pains.
Q. How to store Anastrozole?
A. Store Anastrozole at less than 25

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