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Linid Tablet

by Zydus Pharma

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Composition of Linid Tablet

Note :

  • Unknown when combined with alcohol. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Safe and does not interfere with the ability to drive


  • Unknown and risky for pregnant women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • UnSafe and risky for lactating women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • UnSafe and risky for patients with renal issues. Follow your physician's advice.


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   In case of any Itching, redness, swelling or difficulty in breathing please refer to a physician or hospital immediately.

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Product Composition


Uses of Linid Tablet

Linid Tablet is an antibiotic and it is used to treat bacterial infections.

Special Instructions for Linid Tablet

• Take Linid Tablet irrespective of meals daily at same time for best results. Drink plenty amount of water to prevent irritation in the intestine.
• Bring to your doctor's knowledge if you have or had any history of high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, depression, mental health problems, kidney or liver problems.
• Avoid taking cheese, soy sauce, yeast extracts, alcohol particularly draught beers and wine as they may increase your blood pressure.
• Check with your doctor before taking other medication along with Linid Tablet .
• Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you are experiencing nausea, diarrhoea, stomach pain, blurry vision, numbness, tingling or pricking sensation.
• Complete the full course of antibiotic, do not leave it in the mid-way despite symptomatic relief.
• Regularly monitor your blood pressure as taking Linid Tablet can increase your blood pressure.





Q. How does Linid Tablet work?
A. Linid Tablet works by preventing protein synthesis of bacteria, which are essential to bacteria to grow, replicate and increase in numbers.

Q. Can I stop Linid Tablet on my own?
A. No, you are advised to take Linid Tablet as long as your doctor has asked you to take it. This is because Linid Tablet when stopped in the midway can lead to recurring of infections with greater intensity. Even if your symptoms improve before the medicine course is complete do not stop or skip Linid Tablet as it may also increase your risk of further infection and antibiotic resistance.

Q. Are antidepressants safe with Linid Tablet ?
A. No, it is not advised to take antidepressants with Linid Tablet . Linid Tablet with antidepressants may cause serotonin (natural substance) level increase which leads to serotonin syndrome and symptoms of serotonin syndrome includes high body temperature, agitation, tremor, increased reflexes, dilated pupils, sweating, and diarrhoea. Please check with your doctor before taking the two together.

Q. Does Linid Tablet cause decreased blood cell count?
A. Yes, Linid Tablet may cause decreased blood cell count but it is not necessary for all people to experience. Linid Tablet may interfere with bone marrow activity which in result decrease RBC, WBC, and platelets count. Decrease in RBC, WBC, and platelets count may lead to anaemia (lack of blood), thrombocytopenia (abnormally low levels of platelets), and neutropenia (abnormally low levels of WBC).

Q. What if I forget to take Linid Tablet ?
A. First, try not to miss a dose of Linid Tablet as medicinal compliance is a very important. If you forget to take Linid Tablet , skip that dose and take the regular dose the next time. Do not take the forgotten dose with the prescribed dose. It may cause increase the effect of Linid Tablet and cause unwanted side effects.


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