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LEVETIRACETAM belongs to a medical class called antiepileptics. LEVETIRACETAM is used to treat seizures in epilepsy patients.

Common side-effects

• Nausea
• Common cold
• Sleepiness
• Dizziness
• Irritability

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take LEVETIRACETAM irrespective of meals daily at the same time for best results.
• LEVETIRACETAM is not recommended for children below 16 years of age.
• Check with your doctor before taking other medicines along with LEVETIRACETAM.
• If you experience any allergic reaction after taking LEVETIRACETAM, please consult your doctor immediately.
• Inform your doctor if you have kidney problems as dose has to be adjusted for patients with kidney problems.
• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking LEVETIRACETAM make sure you are alert and normal enough to take up the above activities as this medicine may induce sleepiness.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medications or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.


Q. How does LEVETIRACETAM work? A. LEVETIRACETAM belongs to a class of medicines called antiepileptics. Brain cells contact each other by sending electric signals. It is normal to send a certain number of signals per second. But, during seizures, brain cells send more signals than our body can handle. LEVETIRACETAM makes sure this does not happen and that our brain cells are not overexcited.
Q. Does taking LEVETIRACETAM cause mental disorder? A. Yes, taking LEVETIRACETAM may cause mental disorder. However, they may go after stopping LEVETIRACETAM or lowering the dose of LEVETIRACETAM. You may experience symptoms of depression, suicidal ideations, hallucination, etc. These symptoms usually start after few days or weeks of starting LEVETIRACETAM. You are strongly advised to inform your doctor if these symptoms do not go away.
Q. Does LEVETIRACETAM cause hair loss? A. Yes, LEVETIRACETAM may cause hair loss as LEVETIRACETAM may affect hair follicles. However, your hair will regrow after stopping the LEVETIRACETAM or lowering the dose of LEVETIRACETAM. 
Q. Does LEVETIRACETAM cause memory loss? A. Yes, LEVETIRACETAM might cause memory loss. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres with occipital, parietal, temporal and frontal lobes. Seizures in temporal and frontal lobes area can cause memory loss as they are involved in verbal, visual and prospective memory. 
Q. Can I take macrogol (laxative) with LEVETIRACETAM? A. It is advised to not to take macrogol one hour before and one hour after taking the LEVETIRACETAM. This is because, macrogol may decrease the effectiveness of LEVETIRACETAM.