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Lcd 275Mg Tablet

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Composition of Lcd 275Mg Tablet

Note :

  • Unsafe when combined with alcohol. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and do not drive while using

    Driving:Supervision Required

  • Unsafe and risky for pregnant women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for lactating women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for patients with renal issues. Follow your physician's advice.


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   In case of any Itching, redness, swelling or difficulty in breathing please refer to a physician or hospital immediately.

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Product Composition


Uses of Lcd 275Mg Tablet

Lcd 275Mg Tablet is the combination of two drugs: Carbidopa (Peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor) and Levodopa (Dopamine precursor). Lcd 275Mg Tablet is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. 

Special Instructions for Lcd 275Mg Tablet

• Take Lcd 275Mg Tablet irrespective of meals or as instructed by your doctor.
• Avoid taking Lcd 275Mg Tablet with heavy meals. Take less amount of protein products (like milk, cheese, meat etc.) when you take Lcd 275Mg Tablet, as it may impair effects of Lcd 275Mg Tablet.
• If you are already on a different medication for Parkinson’s disease, your doctor may recommend discontinuing it before starting Lcd 275Mg Tablet medication.
• Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how Lcd 275Mg Tablet affects your consciousness and physical stability.
• Always check with your doctor before taking Lcd 275Mg Tablet if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
• Take Lcd 275Mg Tablet with caution if you have mental health problems, epilepsy, ulcers, heart or kidney problems, wide-angle glaucoma
• Inform your doctor about your past and current medication, including over-the-counter mediation and herbal products, especially, other medicines for Parkinson’s disease.
• Do not take Lcd 275Mg Tablet if you are allergic to levodopa or carbidopa. If you observe any allergic reactions like swelling of lips, throat or face, redness, itching or irritation of skin or difficulty breathing, immediately consult your doctor.





Q) How does Lcd 275Mg Tablet work? A) Lcd 275Mg Tablet is the combination of two drugs: Carbidopa (Peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor) and Levodopa (Dopamine precursor). Levodopa is converted to dopamine after it enters the brain. As dopamine cannot cross blood brain barrier when given in direct form, it is given as its precursor, levodopa. In the brain, dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter and reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. If levodopa is given alone, it would rapidly metabolise in the blood before reaching the brain. To increase the amount of levodopa that reaches the brain, another drug (decarboxylase inhibitor) is added to it. Carbidopa is only used to increase the half-life of levodopa which in turn reduces the side effects. 
Q) Can I stop taking Lcd 275Mg Tablet on my own?  A) No, you are recommended not to take Lcd 275Mg Tablet on your own. If you stop taking Lcd 275Mg Tablet suddenly, you may experience unwanted side effects such as fever, stiff muscles and changes in psychological and mental health.  Yes, Lcd 275Mg Tablet is used in the treatment of joint pains. Lcd 275Mg Tablet is also used in the treatment of mild to moderate pain in conditions like toothache, headache, mild migraine, back pain, period pain and muscle pain. 
Q) How long does it take for Lcd 275Mg Tablet to work? A) Lcd 275Mg Tablet takes at least one day to start showing its effects. However, it may be up to 7 days to work. Please do not expect instant results and be patient. Take Lcd 275Mg Tablet daily.
Q) Does Lcd 275Mg Tablet affect laboratory test results? A) Yes, Lcd 275Mg Tablet may affect certain blood and urine test results. If you are going to take blood or urine tests, inform the doctor about your Lcd 275Mg Tablet consumption. 
Q) Can I take Lcd 275Mg Tablet with iron supplements? A) No, you are recommended not to take Lcd 275Mg Tablet with iron supplements because they may reduce the amount of levodopa absorbed. This may increase the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and may worsen the symptoms.