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KETOROLAC belongs to a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. KETOROLAC is used to prevent and relieve eye inflammation following surgery on the eye in adults

Common side-effects

• Irritation of the eye.
• Stinging and/or burning in the eye.
• Bleeding of the retina.
• Headache.
• Accidental injury caused by the tip of the dropper touching the eye.
• Increased pressure in the eye.
• Blurred and/or diminished vision. It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side effects

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Apply KETOROLAC to the affected eye as directed by your doctor. The duration and dosage of KETOROLAC treatment will be based on the medical condition and response to the treatment.
• Do not use if KETOROLAC solution changes color or becomes cloudy.
• Do not use KETOROLAC if imprinted seal on the bottle neck is broken or missing.
• It is not suggested to use KETOROLAC bottle by more than one person.
•In order to avoid contamination of KETOROLAC, please do not touch the tip of container to any surface.
• If you are using any other eye drops or ointments, it is suggested to maintain a minimum gap of 5 minutes between applying each one. It is usually recommended to use KETOROLAC drops last, as drops stay in contact with your eye and lubricate it for as long as possible.
• Stop using KETOROLAC if you get excessive irritation or long-lasting redness in your eye and please contact your doctor, he may advise you with another medication.
• Avoid taking KETOROLAC if you are allergic to KETOROLAC, aspirin, or any other NSAIDs.
• Seek medical help immediately if you experience increased irritation in the eye or changes in vision.
• Inform your doctor if suffer from or have in the past suffered from viral or bacterial infections of the eye, bleeding tendencies, stomach ulcers, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dry eye syndrome, asthma after using non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or if you have had recent eye surgery.
• KETOROLAC is not recommended for children.
• Inform and check with your doctor before taking another painkiller or medicine along with name

• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking KETOROLAC make sure you are alert and normal enough to take up the above activities as this medicine may cause blurred vision.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medication or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.


Q) How does KETOROLAC work? A) KETOROLAC works by reducing the formation of prostaglandins in the body which are responsible for causing pain and swelling. KETOROLAC helps in relieving pain and inflammation in various disease conditions.
Q) Can I go out after administering KETOROLAC? A) No, KETOROLAC may cause blurred vision immediately after administering. You are advised to wait until your eyesight comes to normal. Please do not drive or perform any strenuous activity after administering name->
Q) Can I take leftover KETOROLAC? A) You are advised to use KETOROLAC for not more than 28 days after opening the blister pack. You are advised not to use KETOROLAC if drops become cloudy or in dark in color. Using of contaminated KETOROLAC can cause infection, serious damage to the eye, and loss of vision. Contact your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
Q) Can I use KETOROLAC for long-term? A) No, you are strongly recommended to use KETOROLAC as prescribed by your doctor/pharmacist. KETOROLAC is intended for short-term use only. Risks of side effects will be increased if you administer KETOROLAC more often or for longer than prescribed by your doctor.
Q) Can I administer KETOROLAC with other eye drops? A) No, you are advised to wait for at least 5-10 minutes before administering the next medication into the same eye. This is because taking both at same at time may cause dilution. Follow your doctors instructions and inform your doctor before taking any other drops with name->
Q) How to take KETOROLAC? A) You are advised to follow the label instructions of KETOROLAC or instructions given by your doctor for administering name-> You are advised to wash your hands first before applying name-> Hold the dropper directly over the eye and administer 1 drop into the pouch. Look downward and close your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes. To prevent draining of KETOROLAC, place a finger at the corner of the eye and apply gentle pressure.To prevent KETOROLAC draining out place finger at the corner of your eye and apply gentle pressure. You are advised not to blink and do not rub your eye. Repeat the above steps if your dose is for more than 1 drop. Do not rinse the dropper. Replace the dropper cap after each use. If you are using the single dose units, discard the unit and any remaining solution after one use.
Q) Does KETOROLAC treat conjunctivitis (pink eye)? A) No, KETOROLAC is used to relieve pain and inflammation. KETOROLAC is used before and after eye surgery to keep the pupil open during surgery and to control pain and inflammation. KETOROLAC is also used to reduce the symptoms such as runny, red or itchy eyes associated with allergic conjunctivitis.
Q) Is KETOROLAC a steroid? A) No, KETOROLAC belongs to a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. KETOROLAC is used to relieve pain and inflammation.
Q) Dose KETOROLAC cause blurred vision? A) Yes, KETOROLAC may cause blurredyour vision to be blurred. This usually passes quickly. It is not recommended to drive or use machines until your vision is clear.
Q) Dose KETOROLAC cause breathing problems? A) Yes, KETOROLAC may cause breathing difficulties. Along with this if you experience pain, increased irritation in the eye or changes in vision, please contact your doctor or go to the hospital immediately as this could be a sign of a serious allergic reaction.
Q) How should I use KETOROLAC if I wear contact lenses? A.) You are advised to remove the contact lenses prior to the application of KETOROLAC and wait at least 15 minutes before reinsertion. KETOROLAC is known to discolour soft contact lenses, so avoid contact with soft contact lenses.
Q) How to store KETOROLAC? A) Do not store KETOROLAC above 25