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Composition of ILET 1MG TAB

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Product Composition


Uses of ILET 1MG TAB

ILET 1MG TAB is used to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes patients in association with changes in diet and lifestyle modification.

Special Instructions for ILET 1MG TAB

• Take ILET 1MG TAB just before meals or during meals with a glass of water. Try and adhere to a fix time to take this medicine for best results.
• Remember to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels despite medicine intake.
• A low- carbohydrate healthy diet and 45 mins of brisk walk daily along with ILET 1MG TAB has been found to give very good results in people with diabetes.
• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking ILET 1MG TAB make sure your blood glucose levels are in good control.
• Do not hesitate to speak with a doctor if you experience sudden hazy vision, yellowing of skin, shaky hands, dizziness, extreme anxiousness, severe stomach pain and profuse sweating.





Q. How does ILET 1MG TAB help in type 2 diabetes? A. ILET 1MG TAB along with low carbohydrate diet and regular cardio exercises can help you get a good control of blood glucose levels. And also further prevent co-morbid conditions due to type 2 diabetes.
Q. Can ILET 1MG TAB and other anti-diabetes medicines be taken together? A. Yes, ILET 1MG TAB can be Safely taken along with other blood glucose lowering medicines when prescribed by a doctor preferably by a endocrinologist/diabetologist.
Q. Can I take ILET 1MG TAB if I have kidney problems? A. No, you are advised to inform your doctor if you are having any kidney problems. ILET 1MG TAB is flushed out of the body by our kidneys and if the kidneys are not functioning properly then there is a high possibility of drug retention which may cause unwanted medical conditions. In some cases patients with kidney problems exhibit low blood glucose levels.
Q. Can ILET 1MG TAB cause dizziness and blurred vision ? A. Yes, ILET 1MG TAB if it is not taken with a proper meal can cause hypoglycemic events. People may experience dizziness, blurred vision, tremors, anxiousness and profuse sweating due to sudden dip in blood glucose levels. In this case you are recommended to have glucose water, candies, high fibre biscuits and ample rest. If even after 30 mins the symptoms of hypoglycemia do not subside contact your doctor/hospital straight away. Additionally, one must not drive, walk and perform strenuous activity during this time.

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