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Composition of HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET


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  • Unsafe and risky for pregnant women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for lactating women. Follow your physician's advice.


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   In case of any Itching, redness, swelling or difficulty in breathing please refer to a physician or hospital immediately.

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Product Composition



HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET belongs to a group of medicines called antipsychotics. HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, psychoses, mania and behavioural problems in adults and children. HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET also used for Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, movements you can’t control (tics) and Hiccups that won’t go away.

Special Instructions for HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET

• Take it with or without food. If you are allergic to HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET or any other ingredients in the medicine inform your doctor instantly.
• Avoid taking HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET if you have conditions like arrythmia, Parkinson’s disease, if you have low potassium level in your blood.
• Inform your doctor if you have heart problem, bleeding in the brain, liver or kidney problems, depression, non-cancerous tumour of the adrenal gland and problems with your thyroid gland. Please inform your doctor if you have any of the problems before taking HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET.
• Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor if you have blood clots in the veins especially in the legs, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, sudden swelling of the face or throat, severe irritation, reddening or blistering of your skin.
• HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET may cause tiredness and/or dizziness. Do not drive or use any machines or tools until the dizziness goes away.
• You are recommended not to take alcohol along with HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET. Together they bring up very unpleasant side effects.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medication or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.





Q) How does HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET work? A) HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET works by blocking receptors in the brain, particularly dopamine receptors. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is involved in transmitting messages between brain cells. Dopamine is known to be involved in regulating mood and behaviour. Schizophrenia is caused by overactivity of dopamine in the brain. HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET blocks the receptors that dopamine acts on and this prevents the overactivity of dopamine in the brain. This helps to control Schizophrenia like illness.
Q) Should I undergo any tests before taking HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET? A) Yes, your doctor may perform electrocardiogram before or during your treatment with HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET. Also, your doctor may check the levels of electrolytes in your blood. Based on this your doctor may prescribe HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET to you.
Q) Can I take HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET with alcohol? A) No, you are advised not to consume alcohol while you are taking HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET. This is because taking HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET with alcohol may make you feel drowsy and less alert.
Q) Is HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET safe for pregnant women? A) HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET is not safe for pregnant women who are in last three months of their pregnancy. In case of consumption of HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET in last 3 months of pregnancy, following symptoms are reported in new born babies, shaking, muscle stiffness and/or weakness, sleepiness, agitation, breathing issues and difficulty in feeding. You are advised to follow your doctor's instructions regarding medications and diet throughout your pregnancy. In case your new born experiences these symptoms please report to your doctor immediately without any delay.
Q) What is Schizophrenia, how does HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET helps in treatment of it? A) Schizophrenia is psychotic illness which is caused by overactivity of dopamine in the brain. HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET blocks the receptors that dopamine acts on and prevents the overactivity of dopamine in the brain. This helps to control schizophrenia symptoms like disturbed thoughts, feelings and behavior. HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET also produces a calming effect and controls aggression, delusions and hallucinations.
Q) Does HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET alter any test results. A) Yes, one can experience abnormal test results for liver function, low blood sugar levels, abnormal heart traces (electrocardiogram). You are advised to inform your doctor if you are undergoing these tests while on treatment with HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET.
Q) Can I take lithium with HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET? A) You are advised to speak with your doctor if you are taking lithium and HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET at the same time. Special monitoring may be needed if you take both at the same time. You are advised to inform your doctor if you experience fever or movements you can't control, if you are feeling confused, disoriented, have headache, balance problems or are feeling sleepy.
Q) Does HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET affect eyes? A) Yes, HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET can affects eyes. One can experience problems with sight including blurred vision and rapid eye movements. You are advised to limit your activity if you experience any of the above.
Q) Is HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET is narcotic or addictive? A) No, HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET is not a narcotic or addictive.
Q) How to store HEXIDOL 1.5MG TABLET? A) Store below 25°C away from heat and sunlight. Keep out of sight and reach of children.

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