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FRUSEMIDE belongs to class of drugs called diuretics. It is used in the treatment of oedema and high blood pressure.

Common side-effects

• Excessive urination
• Headache
• Muscular weakness
• Heart rhythm disturbances
• Vomiting

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take FRUSEMIDE during the day time or as advised by the doctor. Avoid taking FRUSEMIDE in the night time as FRUSEMIDE is known to increase urine output will result in disruption of sleep.
• It is advised to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids while you are taking FRUSEMIDE.
• Do not stand up suddenly as FRUSEMIDE may cause orthostatic hypotension. Standing up suddenly may cause dizziness.
• Regular monitoring of blood pressure is recommended.
• Consult your doctor if you feel excessive muscle pain.


Q. How does FRUSEMIDE work? A. FRUSEMIDE works by getting rid of extra fluid through kidneys. It helps in the reduction of oedema, thereby reducing the blood pressure.
Q. Is FRUSEMIDE Safe? A. Yes, FRUSEMIDE is Safe as long as you take it according to your doctors prescription.
Q. When should I take FRUSEMIDE? A. FRUSEMIDE causes excessive urination, hence it is best to take it during the day rather than night. However, it is recommended to take the medication as advised by your doctor.
Q. Does FRUSEMIDE cause decrease in potassium levels? A. Yes, FRUSEMIDE may cause decreased potassium levels due to excessive urination. It is advised to take potassium rich foods or potassium supplements.
Q. Can I take FRUSEMIDEwith anti-diabetics? A. FRUSEMIDE when taken along with anti-diabetic drugs causes increased blood glucose levels and excessive urination. Please consult your doctor regarding this.
Q. Can taking FRUSEMIDE for a long time cause hair loss ? A. No, there has been no reported cases of hair loss associated with taking FRUSEMIDE for a long time. However, if the hair loss is very evident and other remedies are not helping you out such as hair loss oils and supplements then report to your doctor without any further delay. It could be also due other underlying medical condition, it is best to check with a doctor.