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ENTECAVIR belongs to a group of medicines called antivirals. ENTECAVIR is used to treat chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in adults.

Common side-effects

• Headache
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Vomiting
• Diarrhoea
• Increased blood levels of liver enzymes

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take ENTECAVIR irrespective of meals daily at same time for best results.
• Take ENTECAVIR at least 2 hours after a meal or at least 2 hours before the next meal if you have advance liver disease.
• Bring to your doctor's knowledge if you have or had kidney/liver problems and HIV.
• Breast-feeding mothers and pregnant women are advised not to take ENTECAVIR without consulting a doctor.
• Dizziness, fatigue and sleepiness are common side-effects of ENTECAVIR. Driving and strenuous activity to be taken up only when you feel you are alert enough to take up these activities.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medication or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.


Q) How does ENTECAVIR work? A) ENTECAVIR belongs to a group of medicines called antivirals. ENTECAVIR works by preventing the hepatitis B virus from multiplying and thereby decreases the amount of the virus. However, ENTECAVIR is not a cure for HBV and may also not prevent damage to the liver or the spreading of HBV to others.
Q) Does ENTECAVIR cause hair loss? A) Yes, ENTECAVIR may cause hair loss. It can be caused due to the toxic effect of the drug on hair follicle matrix. Your hair will regrow after you stop taking ENTECAVIR, but in rare case, alopecia may be permanent.
Q) Can I stop taking ENTECAVIR my own? A) No, you are advised to take ENTECAVIR as prescribed by your doctor/pharmacist. Do not stop ENTECAVIR unless your doctor advises. Very serious hepatitis symptoms can occur when one stops taking ENTECAVIR suddenly.
Q) How to store ENTECAVIR? A) Do not store ENTECAVIR above 30°C and keep it away from heat and sunlight. Store it in room temperature and do not freeze it. Keep out of the reach and sight of the children.