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DORIPENEM is a penem antibacterial. DORIPENEM is used in the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections and complicated urinary tract infections, including pyelonephritis.

Common side-effects

• Rash, itching or hives
• Diarrhoea
• Headache
• Feeling sick
• Increase in the level of some liver enzymes in your blood

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• DORIPENEM should be given by healthcare professionals. Your doctor or nurse will administer DORIPENEM into a vein.
• Take DORIPENEM irrespective of meals. But you are advised to follow doctors’ instructions carefully.
• DORIPENEM is not recommended for use in children and adolescents below 18 years of age.
• Breast-feeding and pregnant women are advised not to take DORIPENEM without consulting a doctor.
• Keep your doctor informed if you have or had any previous history of heart, kidney or liver diseases.
• Seek medical help immediately if you experience any allergic reaction symptoms like swelling of face, tongue or throat, swallowing difficulties, hives and breathing difficulties.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medication or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.


Q) How is DORIPENEM helpful?
A) DORIPENEM helps by fighting an array of bacterial infections and further prevents bacteria from growing. It acts by interfering with the bacterial protein synthesis and treats the infection. DORIPENEM is used in the treatment of bacterial infections of bladder, kidney and other parts of the urinary tract.

Q) Can I buy DORIPENEM over-the-counter?
A) No, DORIPENEM just like other antibiotics require prescription to buy. Do not take it unnecessarily.

Q) Does DORIPENEM cure flu?
A) No, antibiotics such as DORIPENEM will not work for flu, or other viral infections. Using antibiotics when they are not needed may increase your risk of getting infection later that resists antibiotic treatment.

Q) Is DORIPENEM overdose safe?
A) No, do not overdose on any medication. If you have mistakenly taken too much of DORIPENEM, you may experience symptoms such as stomach ache, nausea and vomiting.

Q) Which medicines I should not take with DORIPENEM?
A) Some medicines may reduce the effect of DORIPENEM or interact with DORIPENEM or cause serious side-effects when given both at the same time such as Sodium Valproate, Ethinyl Estradiol and Live cholera vaccine. So, always inform and check with your doctor before taking DORIPENEM with other medications.

Q) How to store DORIPENEM?
A) Store below 25°C away from heat and sunlight. Do not freeze it. Keep out of the reach and sight of the children.