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DOMPERIDONE is a selective dopamine D2 receptor antagonists antiemetic, gastroprokinetic agent, and galactagogue. DOMPERIDONE used in treating stomach disorders, it increases the movement through the digestive system.  It is also used to treat nausea and vomiting. Test 

Common side-effects

• Dry mouth
• Headache

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take DOMPERIDONE at least 30 mins before meals to control nausea and vomiting. For treating motion sickness take DOMPERIDONE priorly 30 mins before travelling in car/bus/airplane. 
• Do not take DOMPERIDONE daily for a long time until and unless you have been recommended by a physician.
• DOMPERIDONE may make you feel sleepy and drowsy hence do not indulge in activities such as driving and activities which involves physical and mental coordination and alertness.
• Taking alcohol along with DOMPERIDONE is not recommended it may induce excessive sedation.
• Take DOMPERIDONE with caution specially if you have or had any kidney or liver diseases.
• Inform your doctor if you are having blood in stool, or black and tarry stool there is a remote possibility of internal bleeding with DOMPERIDONE.


Q. How does DOMPERIDONE works? A. DOMPERIDONE works by facilitating gastric emptying and decreases small bowel transit time by increasing esophageal and gastric peristalsis and by lowering esophageal sphincter pressure. Also, DOMPERIDONE has antiemetic (anti -vomiting) properties works by blocking dopamine receptor at both the chemoreceptor trigger zone and at the gastric level.   
Q. Is DOMPERIDONE is antacid? A. No, DOMPERIDONE is prokinetic with antiemnetic properties which helps in movement in the digestive tract. 
Q. Can DOMPERIDONE cause tenderness in breast ? A. Yes, one can experience mild pain or tenderness in breast, there could be possible nipple discharge while consuming DOMPERIDONE. However, this is a rare and very uncommon side effect if this occurs you may discontinue taking DOMPERIDONE. 
Q. Can I take DOMPERIDONE with ritonavir or saquinavir? A. No, you are advised not to take DOMPERIDONE with above medications since these medications may reduce the breakdown of DOMPERIDONE by the liver and this may increase the concentration of DOMPERIDONE in blood stream and hence can the increase the risks of side effects of DOMPERIDONE. 
Q. What happens when DOMPERIDONE is taken with paracetamol? A. When DOMPERIDONE is taken along with paracetamol, DOMPERIDONE may speed up the absorption of paracetamol.  So, the medication becomes instantly effective in a shorter time resulting in reducing fever. 
Q. Can I take DOMPERIDONE after a meal? A. No, you are advised to take DOMPERIDONE before meals. If taken after meals, absorption of the DOMPERIDONE is delayed and you may end up vomiting or feel nausea (sick).
Q. Which medicines I should not take with DOMPERIDONE? A. Some medicines may reduce the effect of DOMPERIDONE or interact with DOMPERIDONE or cause serious side-effects when given at same time such as ketoconazole, erythromycin, amiodarone, dronedarone, quinidine, disopyramide, dofetilide, sotalol, diltiazem, haloperidol, pimozide, citalopram, escitalopram, cisapride, dolasetron, mizolastine, toremifene, vandetanib, HIV medications (protease inhibitors) etc.  So, always inform and check with your doctor before taking DOMPERIDONE with other medications.