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CHLORAMPHENICOL belongs to a group of medicines called antibiotics. It is used to treat serious bacterial infections like blood poisoning, meningitis, typhoid, etc. CHLORAMPHENICOL is given when other antibiotics are ineffective in treating the infection.

Common side-effects

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhoea
• Ear problems
• Inflammation of the mouth and tongue

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take CHLORAMPHENICOL with or without food and as prescribed by your doctor.
• Pregnant women or woman trying to conceive are recommended to avoid taking CHLORAMPHENICOL because it can cause serious abnormalities to the unborn baby.
• CHLORAMPHENICOL is usually not recommended for children and adolescents.
• Elderly people should take CHLORAMPHENICOL with caution as they may be more sensitive to CHLORAMPHENICOL side effects.
• Your doctor will advise you to get blood tests done before and during the treatment to check your blood levels because CHLORAMPHENICOL might cause blood problems.
• Bring to your doctor’s notice if you have porphyria or blood problems as CHLORAMPHENICOL may provoke the mentioned conditions.
• Inform your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems as dose must be adjusted for patients with kidney or liver problems.


Q. How does CHLORAMPHENICOL work? A. Cell walls of bacteria protect bacterial cells and they are very essential for the bacterial survival. CHLORAMPHENICOL works by stopping the growth of bacteria by interfering with the formation of cell walls and thereby clears infection.
Q. Does CHLORAMPHENICOL cause vision problems? A. Yes, CHLORAMPHENICOL may cause vision problems. CHLORAMPHENICOL is known to cause optic neuritis (inflammation of the eye), which cause visual disturbances like blurred vision or temporary loss of vision. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience above mentioned effects while taking CHLORAMPHENICOL. 
Q. Can I take bone marrow supress medicines while taking CHLORAMPHENICOL? A. No, you are recommended to not to take bone marrow supress medicines while taking CHLORAMPHENICOL because CHLORAMPHENICOL increases the risk of bone marrow side effects by depressing the bone marrow (where blood cells are made), so taking the two together might affect blood cells and cause blood problems.
Q. Can I take CHLORAMPHENICOL for sore throat? A. No, it is advised to not to take CHLORAMPHENICOL for infections like cold, sore throats, flu etc. because CHLORAMPHENICOL is used to treat serious bacterial infections due to its increased risk of side effects like blood, eye or ear problems. Your doctor will prescribe other medicines to treat sore throats.
Q. Can I stop taking CHLORAMPHENICOL on my own? A. No, do not stop taking CHLORAMPHENICOL on your own. Complete the full course of antibiotic, do not leave it in the mid-way despite symptomatic relief. Stopping the medicine in the midway can lead to recurring of a stronger infection. In case if you feel any discomfort, please discuss with your doctor.