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BROMHEXINE is a mucolytic agent (which clears mucus from lungs). It reduces the thickness of sputum. BROMHEXINE is used to treat conditions with abnormal mucus secretion such as common cold, influenza and infections of the respiratory tract. Taking BROMHEXINE facilitates the patient to breathe freely and deeply.

Common side-effects

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Difficulty in breathing
• Dry mouth

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take BROMHEXINE as instructed by your doctor. Do not exceed recommended dosage.
• Shake the bottle well before use.
• Children and elderly should not take it without doctor's recommendation.
• BROMHEXINE is not recommended during sudden and severe asthma attacks. Because BROMHEXINE does not bring instant relief in asthma hence people should not take it during asthma attacks.
• Additionally, while taking BROMHEXINE you are recommended to take frequent sips of warm water along with BROMHEXINE for quicker relief. Also, try not to expose yourself to any kind of smoke or pollutants.
• Inform your doctor if you have or had any previous history of kidney or liver problems.
• To avoid unwanted drug-drug interactions check with your doctor once before taking any other medicine along with BROMHEXINE.
• If there is no symptomatic improvement despite taking BROMHEXINE for a week, inform your doctor, he/she may prescribe you some other medication.


Q) How does BROMHEXINE help?
A) BROMHEXINE helps in thinning down the mucus secretions and hence facilitates the patient to breathe freely and deeply. BROMHEXINE is prescribed mainly to treat conditions in patients with abnormal mucus secretion such as a common cold, infections of the respiratory tract, influenza, etc.

Q) Does BROMHEXINE reduces cough?
A) Yes, BROMHEXINE is known to help in reducing cough. BROMHEXINE increases muco-ciliary clearance and reduces cough and mucus secretions. It helps to break down thick, sticky chest phlegm (mucus), making it easier to cough out mucus. It is suggested to drink plenty of warm fluids or take a hot steam inhalation to help break down the mucus(phlegm) and make it easier to clear bronchial and airway passages.

Q) Does BROMHEXINE cause dry mouth?
A) Yes, dryness of mouth may occur as a side effect of BROMHEXINE. But it is not necessary for all people to experience the side effect. Drinking water regularly, staying hydrated, chewing sugar free gums or sugar free candies, limiting intake of caffeine, using alcohol free mouthwashes, avoiding breathing through your mouth may help you from dry mouth.

Q) Can I stop taking BROMHEXINE when my symptoms get relieved?
A) No, do not stop taking BROMHEXINE even though you feel well. Continue taking BROMHEXINE for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. Do not hesitate to speak with your doctor if you feel uneasy while taking BROMHEXINE.

A) Yes, BROMHEXINE is safe as long as it is taken at prescribed dose and as advised by a doctor. However, BROMHEXINE may cause side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and dry mouth in some patients.