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ATENOLOL belongs to a class of beta blockers. ATENOLOL is used in the treatment of blood pressure (hypertension), angina pectoris (chest pain), arrhythmias (heart beat regulation), and myocardial infraction (heart protecting).

Common side-effects

• Slow heart rate (bradycardia)
• Cold hands and feet
• Diarrhoea
• Feeling sick (nausea)
• Feeling tired or aching and tired muscles

It is not necessary for all people to experience the above side-effects.


• Take ATENOLOL daily at the same time of the day irrespective of meals for best results.
• Depending upon your age, weight and condition your doctor will decide the dosage do not self- medicate yourself. Elderly people should take it in a lower dose as prescribed by the doctor.
• A low-fat diet along with exercising is highly recommended to enhance and compliment treatment with ATENOLOL.
• Consumption of alcohol along with ATENOLOL is not recommended.
• Do not give it to children below 6 years of age until and unless prescribed by a specialist and dose to be closely monitored in teenagers below 18 years of age.
• Do not take ATENOLOL if you are planning to conceive or pregnant. Breast feeding mothers are also advised not to take it without consulting a doctor.
• Keep your doctor informed if you have or had any previous history of heart, kidney or liver diseases.
• Speak with your doctor instantly if you have sudden dip in blood pressure, severe allergic rashes and swelling in the ankle, face, lips or mouth or extreme tiredness with muscle weakness while taking ATENOLOL. Your doctor may discontinue or change the medicine.
• Do not stop ATENOLOL suddenly without consulting your doctor. It may pose a risk of high blood pressure and related cardiac problems.
• Regularly monitor blood pressure levels to prevent low blood pressure.


Q) Is ATENOLOL safe? A) Yes, ATENOLOL is Safe if it is used in the prescribed amount and as directed by your doctor.
Q) Does ATENOLOL cure hypertension? A) ATENOLOL is used in the treatment of hypertension. However, it only reduces high blood pressure but does not cure hypertension. It has to be taken regularly to maintain blood pressure levels.
Q) Does ATENOLOL help anxiety? A) Yes, ATENOLOL does help in treatment of anxiety to an extent. It is longer acting than other beta blockers and has fewer side effects. However, this drug is not the first line of choice for treating anxiety related disorders and problems.
Q) Can ATENOLOL cause low blood pressure? A) As ATENOLOL is primarily used to treat hypertension, but it may lower the blood pressure more than normal. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check your blood pressure while taking ATENOLOL specially in case of elderly patients.
Q) Does ATENOLOL cause diabetes? A) No, taking ATENOLOL does not lead to the onset of diabetes necessarily. But in few reported cases beta blockers increase blood glucose concentrations, which contributes to the spike in blood glucose levels in people taking ATENOLOL or having diabetes already. Hence a regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is recommended along with treatment with ATENOLOL. Consult your doctor if there is any change in your blood glucose levels.
Q) Can I take ATENOLOL if I have asthma? A) You are strongly recommended to report and stop the medicine in case you experience wheezing, breathlessness and asthma. Speak with your doctor immediately.
Q) Can I have alcohol with ATENOLOL? A) You are strongly recommended not to take alcohol with ATENOLOL. Taking alcohol along with ATENOLOL will lead to very unpleasant side effects, low blood pressure levels and may spike your blood glucose levels as well. If at all you are taking it, take it with caution and do not drive or engage in any physical activity which requires alertness.