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Composition of ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET

Note :

  • Unsafe when combined with alcohol. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Safe and does not interfere with the ability to drive


  • Unsafe and risky for pregnant women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for lactating women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for patients with renal issues. Follow your physician's advice.

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Product Composition

Voglibose (0.2mg)


ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET is used for controlling diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels along with lifestyle and dietary modifications. 

Special Instructions for ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET

• Do not swallow the tablet. Make sure to dry your hands before removing the tablet from the foil.
• You are suggested to place the tablet in the mouth and let it dissolve.
• Remember to always take ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET with meals to avoid hypoglycemic events (sudden dip in blood glucose levels).
• Remember to always monitor your blood glucose levels despite medicine intake.
• A low- carbohydrate healthy diet and 45 mins of brisk walk daily along with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET has been found to give very good results in people with type 2 diabetes.
• Before driving or performing any strenuous activity after taking ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET make sure your blood glucose levels are in good control.
• Do not hesitate to speak to a doctor if you experience hazy vision, yellowing of skin, shaky hands, extreme anxiousness, severe stomach pain and profuse sweating.
• Useful tips: If you smoke, try to stop. Exercise regularly. Limit drinking or drink as little alcohol as possible. Follow proper diet. Check glucose levels regularly.





Q) Does ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET cause stomach upset?
A) Yes, ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET causes stomach upset. In case of mild stomach upset, avoid junk foods, drink ample of fluids, eat fiber rich foods, and avoid spicy meals. However, in case of uncontrolled diahhroea or severe stomach upset, connect with your doctor immediately without any further delay.

Q) Can ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET cause weight gain?
A) No, there is a remote possibility of weight gain with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET. However, long term use of ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET has exhibited weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes.

Q) Can ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET be used in combination with Insulin?
A) Yes, ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET can be safely used in combination with insulin when prescribed by a doctor preferably an endocrinologist/diabetologist.

Q) How does ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET helps in the treatment of diabetes?
A) Abnormally high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood causes diabetes which is a chronic condition. Insulin produced by the pancreas helps to lower the blood glucose. Inability of the body to properly use insulin or absence or insufficient production of insulin causes diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes do not make enough insulin, or their body does not respond properly to the insulin which it does make. This causes a build-up of glucose in the blood which can cause several serious long-term problems. ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET helps in making the body more sensitive to insulin and helps in returning to the normal way that body uses glucose.

Q) Can ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET help in curing type 2 diabetes?
A) Diabetes is a life-long condition. However, research for its cure is in progress. ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET helps in managing and delaying the progress of the condition effectively along with diet and lifestyle modifications.

Q) Can other anti-diabetes medicines be taken along with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET?
A) Yes, other anti-diabetes medicines can be safely taken along with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET to achieve good control over diabetes provided it is prescribed by a doctor, preferably an endocrinologist/diabetologist.

Q) Can I consume alcohol with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET?
A) Alcohol with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET can lead to unpleasant side effects and elevation of blood sugar levels leading to poor control of diabetes. You are strongly recommended to avoid alcohol along with ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET as much as possible.

Q) Are there any long-term complications of taking ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET?
A) ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET is considerably a safe drug to treat people with type 2 diabetes. However, some reported long term usage hints some conditions such as nephropathy and in extreme rare cases lactic acidosis.

Q) Can I stop taking ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET on my own?
A) No, please do not suddenly stop taking ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET without consulting your doctor even if your blood sugar levels have become normal. In case you are facing any discomfort such as stomach pain or vomiting, inform your doctor and he/she will guide you in the best way possible.

Q) Is ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET safe on overdose?
A) You are strongly advised not to take any medicine extra or on overdose. If you have mistakenly taken ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET extra dose, you may have unusual symptoms. Lactic acidosis can be experienced more likely on ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET overdose. Symptoms of lactic acidosis include vomiting, bellyache with muscle cramps, severe tiredness, difficulty in breathing, reduced body temperature and heartbeat. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor, as lactic acidosis may lead to coma.

Q) Can I have x-rays or scan while on ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET medication?
A) No, you are advised not to have x-rays or scans which require injection of iodinated contrast (dye). You are advised to inform your doctor if you are going to have these tests. He/she may advise you to stop ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET for certain period if you are undergoing any surgery or any of the above tests. Also, your doctor will monitor your glucose levels until the surgery or tests get completed.

Q) Can I take ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET if I am pregnant?
A) No, you are advised not take ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET if you are pregnant. Your doctor may prescribe Insulin, which is more suitable for controlling blood glucose during pregnancy. Your doctor will replace ALPHAVOG 0.2MG TABLET with insulin while you are pregnant.

Q) What happens if hyperglycemia is not treated?
A) You are advised to consult your doctor immediately if your random blood sugar readings are high. Your doctor may start your treatment for this after monitoring your blood sugar levels for a while. Consult your doctor as soon as possible since long-term hyperglycaemia can lead to heart disease, blindness, kidney damage, poor blood circulation and gangrene. One can also experience tiredness or lack of energy, headache, thirst, passing large amounts of urine and blurred vision as signs of hyperglycaemia.

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