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Composition of AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE

Note :

  • Unsafe when combined with alcohol. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Safe and does not interfere with the ability to drive


  • Unsafe and risky for pregnant women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for lactating women. Follow your physician's advice.


  • Unsafe and risky for patients with renal issues. Follow your physician's advice.


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Product Composition

Dabigatran Etexilate (110mg)


AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE belongs to a group of medicines called anticoagulants. It is used to prevent and treat blood clot formation.

Special Instructions for AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE

• Take AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE irrespective of meals daily at the same time for best results.
• AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE is not recommended for children and adolescents.
• Your doctor will check your kidney functioning before starting the treatment with AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE as some kidney problems may increase the risk of bleeding.
• You are recommended not to take alcohol along with AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE. Together they may bring up very unpleasant side effects.
• Inform your doctor if you have an increased bleeding risk because AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE may cause bruising or bleeding.
• Keep your doctor informed about taking AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE before going for any surgery as AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE might increase the risk of bleeding.
• Always keep your doctor informed about the ongoing medications or the ones which you have taken in the past, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal medicines.





Q. How does AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE work?
A. AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE is an anticoagulant and is used to treat and prevent blood clots. AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE reduces the clotting proteins activity in the blood and prevents blood clots from developing.

Q. How does AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE help?
A. AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE reduces the risk of stroke by preventing blood clots formation in brain and blood vessels in patients suffering from irregular heart rhythm (Non-valvular atrial fibrillation). Additionally, it is used to prevent recurrence of blood clots in veins of legs and lungs after hip replacement surgery.

Q. Can I take anti-inflammatory drugs while using AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE?
A. No, it is advised not to take anti-inflammatory drugs while using AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE. AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE with anti-inflammatory drugs might increase the risk of bleeding and might also increase the time for bleeding to stop. Check with your doctor before taking any medicines.

Q. Does AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE cause bleeding?
A. Yes, AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE may cause bleeding as AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE is a blood thinner drug which lowers the chance of blood clot forming. Sometimes, bleeding may be serious and can lead to death. So, you are advised to check with your doctor immediately if you observe headache, dizziness, pain, swelling, unusual bruising or bleeding, blood in stool or urine, unusual nose bleeds or vaginal bleeding.

Q. Can I stop taking AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE on my own?
A. Always check with your doctor before you stop taking AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE. This is because AFOGATRAN 110MG CAPSULE when stopped in the midway can increase the risk of developing a blood clot.